Voltron: The End Live-Action Short

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We've had our fair share of superhero movies over the last decade. From Batman to Spider-Man, G.I. Joe to the Transformers just about every iconic brand that defined what it meant to be a kid growing up in the '80s has made its way to the big-screen--except Voltron. Finally, at last years Voltron Resurgent panel at Comic-Con came confirmation that a live-action Voltron movie is in the works. Whiles fans wait more news on the Voltron movie front--no confirmed release date--director Alex Albrecht, of TechTV and Diggnation fame, bridges the gap with his short film titled Voltron: The End. Albrecht's short depicts Red Lion pilot Lance, unconscious and separated from the rest of the Lion Force, after a fierce battle against King Zarkon's forces and includes a surprise ending that you must see!

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America Nail said...

Where's the surprise ending?

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