Miracle Productions Die-Cast Vehicle Voltron

Friday, March 9, 2012

Vehicle Voltron fans, you're finally getting some love your way. After nearly two years in development, Miracle Productions has announced its fully transforming, 13-inch tall, die-cast vehicle Voltron will be released April 30. Comprised of 60 percent metal, vehicle Voltron is fully articulated and includes alternate hands, weapons and sword. Voltron can be broken down into the 15 individual vehicles of the air, land and sea teams (5 vehicles per team), which also combine to form their respective team's larger machine. Toy Freakz has vehicle Voltron available for $249.99 with a special limited edition die-cast blazing sword for those who pre-order.


Unknown said...

So bad, US licensor strongly closed any shop who pre order in us

But i still get it from hong kong store, such as www.toyercity.com

They posted on ebay before, but was forced to close

ddii5xoncg said...

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