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Friday, February 17, 2012

Robeast Scorpious was released in 1984 as part of the first series of figures in Panosh Place's Voltron: Defender of the Univse collection. Panosh Place - a small toy company based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - was awarded the license to manufacture a line of Voltron toys for the popular animated series and released a single wave of 12 figures, several vehicles and a Castle of Lions playset. Although a second wave of items was planned and shown in a 1986 Panosh Place catalog, it was canceled prior to production, as Voltron's popularity waned.

A creation of the evil witch Haggar, Robeast Scorpious is deployed to Planet Arus, in the Coffin of Doom, to battle Voltron. Robeasts can be both giant robots that are piloted by Doom soldiers or monsters created by Haggar's dark magic, usually requiring a living subject. Unlike the other evil characters in the Panosh Place line, Robeast Scorpious (and Robeast Mutilor) doesn't include a clip-on coffin badge, but instead comes ready for battle equipped with a spiked mace.

Release Date: 1984
Retail Price: $2.99
Accessories: Spiked Mace

Robeast Scorpious
Commands the Coffin of Doom
Home Planet: Doom
Vehicle: Robeast Coffin

Profile: Fearless, ruthless, totally inhuman. Created in Haggar's laboratory Scorpious is Zarkon's evil pawn.

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