Spotlight: Lego Voltron by Mark Sandlin

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What do you get when you spend 71 hours over 3 months with some Legos and Voltron on your mind? A masterpiece! Brickmaster Mark Sandlin built a fully transforming Lego Lion Force Voltron, brick-by-brick, resulting in an amazing feat of ingenuity and engineering. Each Lion has a working cockpit, a number of knobs and gears that allow for a full range of articulation, as well as its respective minifigure pilot decked out in their appropriate gear--sorry Allura, it's boys only. The Lions dwarf the minifigures and that's before they combine to form a nearly 3-foot tall Voltron that includes--you guessed it--a Lego Blazing Sword! You can see more of Sandllin's Lego Voltron, as well as work-in-progress build photos on his Flickr stream.


NJFA said...

now do they combine tho?

Rich Alot said...

They actually do combine which makes it all the more impressive. Check out the links in the article to the Flickr pages and you'll see the Lions combined into Voltron.

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